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"The professionalism, timeliness and service provided by Vreeland Associates allowed us to get back on track after so many delays. There are no better land surveyors on the market.” – Jon T.


  • land surveyors in wausau, wi
  • land surveying in wausau, wi
  • land surveyors in wausau, wi
  • land surveying in wausau, wi

Land Surveying in North Central Wisconsin

What do you want in a land surveyor? Most land surveyors use the latest tools. Most have the ability to collect data and understand how to plot boundaries using mathematical concepts such as trigonometry, triangulation, and geometry. That is what most land surveyors offer, but chances are you don’t want to settle for what most offer. Your goal is a land surveying company offering a higher level of professionalism complemented by timely action and unmatched customer service.


At Vreeland Associates, we offer 30 years of land surveying experience in North Central Wisconsin. In addition to these years of experience, we regularly participate in continuing education programs to ensure we provide you with the best land surveying service. These land surveying services include:

  • ALTA/SCSM surveys
  • Boundary surveys
  • Commercial and residential construction staking
  • Contractor staking
  • FEMA elevation certificates
  • GPS services
  • Mortgage loan inspections
  • Site plans
  • Subdivisions
  • Topographic mapping
  • Wetland mapping

land surveying in wausau, wi

These land surveying services are available for businesses and individuals in North Central Wisconsin. Additionally, we offer two more services our clients really appreciate:

  • Timeliness – we work within your schedule
  • Price friendly – our low overhead allows us provide quality land survey services at an affordable price.

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land surveyors in wausau, wi

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