Vreeland Associate Land Surveyors

"The professionalism, timeliness and service provided by Vreeland Associates allowed us to get back on track after so many delays. There are no better land surveyors on the market.” – Jon T.


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Vreeland Land Surveyors has been providing Taylor County Wisconsin area for over 32 years, providing expertise in land surveys and land consultation. For Commericial and Residential subdivision developments, this consultation service includes not only the planning of the proposed project, but also provides a complete liaison service between agencies. It is this very complex and precise service of planning and research that has made Vreeland Land Surveyors well known in this field.

Friday 13 March 2015
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We provide Land Surveying in Marshfield, Wisconsin. At Vreeland Associates, we offer 30 years of land surveying experience in North Central Wisconsin. In addition to these years of experience, we regularly participate in continuing education programs to ensure we provide you with the best land surveying service. 

Monday 21 April 2014
 8:44 AM CST